Subproject 2: Management and Restoration

Subproject 2 Management and Restoration develops a tool for testing the consequences of alternative savanna management and restoration options for vegetation development. The main component is a spatially explicit rangeland simulation model that identifies rules on how to manage savannas with a view to minimize the threat of increasing woody densities and improving the condition of the herbaceous layer. In an approach of accommodating the various interrelated factors underlying savanna dynamics, the model will consider a range of parameters (e.g. land use- and management type, disturbance regime, rainfall, soil moisture, temperature) that support context-specific computations for both short- and long-term scenarios. By this, the model will be based upon local and landscape-level remotely sensed data (subproject 1), in-situ investigations and expert knowledge. Accessibility will be given via web-based user interfaces (subproject 3), supporting decision-making for management adjustments on short notice and evaluations of possible consequences of different management actions and restoration measures.

Prototype of a user interface of the savanna simulation model showing the spatial distribution of different vegetation components in a designated area under certain settings and input-parameter combinations.