Subproject 3: Database and Analysis System

Subproject 3 Database and Analysis System develops an integrative analytical database serving as a central data repository and computation system that will assure both the immediate and long-term usability of the products of subproject 1 and 2. As such, it will represent the IDESSA decision-support system, consisting of the following components:

  1. A flexible data base system allowing the efficient storage and access to heterogeneous and multi-disciplinary datasets and related metadata information;
  2. A visual data-mining and processing component allowing the computation and explorative analyses of the data derived from the atmospheric and land-cover monitoring, as well as facilitating the simulations of rule-based savanna dynamics;
  3. A web-based front end for (a) scientists to control their operational tasks and analyze scenario computations within a scientific workflow system, and (b) stakeholders to conduct contextualized, query-based retrievals. Visual analytics will support the visualization of queries and scenario computations.
Overall, functionality will be given to transfer data into internationally standardized formats in order to serve any other scientific project. However, scientists shall have the possibility to also transfer own analysis tools (e.g. R routines) to the database server.

An early prototype of the web-based visualisation interface. The background layers are the SRTM elevation model and high-resolution Meteosat remote sensing data. Shown are weather stations from the South African Weather Service (blue) and occurences and habitats of giraffes from the GBIF catalogue (yellow). A simple workflow has been run, combining giraffe occurences with the SRTM elevation model to produce a histogram of giraffe elevations.